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    What Makes Innovation so Scary?

    Let’s look at something that has most of us spooked: innovation. I think most of us can agree that change is kinda scary. In society, and as individuals, we seek out what is familiar. With…

    Posted by Q Manning on 10/30/19

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    What Is UI Design?

    User interface design matters. You can shortcut the process (and lower your chances of success), but it matters. A valuable UI design team will ask "why?" questions about the product so they can provide the…

    Posted by Q Manning on 10/24/19

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    Why User Testing Isn’t a Waste of Money

    You may have an idea, but getting that user feedback loop going allows you to find out if you’re solving the problem the way that people actually want it solved.

    Posted by Q Manning on 10/17/19

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    Letting You In on the Benefits of New Product Design

    The way a product is built matters more than a great idea. That's the foundation of product design. But how can you make sure product design is done right?

    Posted by John Gholson on 10/02/19

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    What is UX, Anyway?

    So, what is UX anyway? Simply put, it stands for user experience. For us, UX is a creative process that allows us to pinpoint solutions by empathizing with the needs of the user.

    Posted by John Gholson on 09/26/19

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    Do I choose Design Sprint or Innovation Workshop?

    Your business has something that needs solving. You considered your options, and you're at a fork in the road. "How do I choose between a design sprint and an innovation workshop?”

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 09/19/19

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    What is an Innovation Workshop?

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 07/31/19

  • Design

    What is Design Thinking? Is it legit?

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 07/25/19

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    Why TexMoji Rocks & Full Access Is No Big Deal

    We're excited to announce the release of the TexMoji App on the iTunes store! We're excited and proud of the work we've done with the TexMoji team to make this happen, but ... We’ve seen…

    Posted by Q Manning on 06/08/15

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    Q & Answers Special Edition: A Video Interview With Q Manning

    With SXSW fast approaching (and by “fast approaching, I mean “Oh-No-It’s-Too-Fast-Will-We-Be-Ready-Oh-No”), we don’t have time for a traditional Q & Answers column this week simply because there is too much to do and not enough…

    Posted by Q Manning on 02/10/13

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    Q & Answers: Unlocking Your Smartphone is Now Illegal (And That’s Stupid)

    As of last weekend, it is illegal to unlock your smartphone? Good call or bad call? This is absolutely, ridiculously stupid. What I do with the device that I own, that belongs me, shouldn’t matter.…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/27/13

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    Q & Answers: What is a sales funnel & do I need one?

    You went car shopping recently. How important was finding a car that would interact with your smartphone? Finding a car that would interact with my smartphone was pretty important. Even more than that, it was…

    Posted by Q Manning on 05/09/21

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