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  • Thoughts

    Lessons from Movies’ Biggest Problem-Solving Characters of 2018

    Posted by John Gholson on 01/10/19

  • Thoughts

    Making User Personas More Useful

    Posted by John Gholson on 11/30/18

  • Business

    How Google is Shaping Digital Transformation

    Posted by Q Manning on 11/05/18

  • Development

    When Design Worlds Collide: De-Linearity in UX Design

    Look at any list of buzzwords or “hot new trends” in UX design, and you’ll surely find “de-linearity” among them. But what is it really, and why does it matter right now? In short, de-linearity…

    Posted by Q Manning on 03/27/17

  • UX

    Improving User Satisfaction Through Design

    There’s no question that users will abandon any Web site or mobile app they don’t enjoy using. User experience is a key determinant of success or failure. Yet 73 percent of industry executives see user…

    Posted by Q Manning on 02/21/17

  • UX

    UX Tips: Blood From A Stone

    “If they use it this way, we’ll make millions!" This statement sums up an unfortunate attitude that is all too easy for Appreneurs to assume during the design phase. It’s a statement that seems innocent…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/21/17

  • UX

    Incorporating the Latest Speech Tech Into Your UX

    Nobody used keyboards in the sci-fi of our childhoods. Whether it was the control system of starships or the hub of a utopian world, every interaction was based on human speech. Opening the pod doors…

    Posted by Q Manning on 11/09/16

  • UX

    UX Inspiration: UX Goes to the Movies

    Can you get UX inspiration from anywhere? Sure ya can! Here a few popular films with lessons we can apply to the job of user experience. About John Gholson: Since 2010, John Gholson has done…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 03/21/16

  • UX

    UX for VR: Why Are They Strapping Boxes To Their Foreheads?

    Virtual Reality is in the news right now in a big way. It’s being called the latest craze, but let’s be clear: this is not a fad. This is not a gimmick. VR is the…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 02/15/16

  • UX

    Evolution of UX in 2016: The Apps New Role

    According to the experts, we’re on the horizon of a shift in the thinking of UX, where the app doesn’t matter as much as the experience the app offers. I know that sounds unusual, so…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/31/16

  • UX

    White Paper: Storming the Ivory Tower

    The Ivory Tower, a place where brilliant minds mingle far removed from practical concerns, is a powerful metaphor from ancient culture that effectively captures an all-too-prevalent mode of outdated thinking that must be overcome for…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/29/16

  • UX

    Appreneur Tip: Suicide by Release Date

    When you are an Appreneur, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. You’re an idea person. A money person. A vision person. You’re looking ahead, anticipating your success, and planning for the next phase. About…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/21/16

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