Rest in Purple Power, Prince

With a heavy heart, we here at Rocksauce Studios fondly remember the legendary artist, Prince, who passed away at 57 today.

All of us here are fans of Prince’s iconic music, style, and charity he lived. You would be hard-pressed to find bigger Prince fans than our own CEO, Q Manning, or our Marketing Specialist, Sweet John. We join his fans in mourning at this sad turn of events for a legend gone far too soon.

“My love for graphic design was born from seeing Prince’s iconic symbol,” recalled CEO Q Manning, “I remember seeing it on the front of his purple Honda in Purple Rain, or around his neck in Graffiti Bridge.”

Prince’s legacy will live on, as his remaining family and friends delve into his much rumored Vault, and release the music the world has waited decades to hear.

One day I’m gonna make it in this lonely town
Then I’ll live in a big white mansion
At the top of the road
I’m gonna wear the latest fashion
Then I’ll be happy, don’t U know?

Rest in Purple Power, Prince.

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