SXSW 2019: Our Four Faves

Our team attended SXSW in full force this year, attending a variety of events from Random Coffee’s hosted by Hootsuite to the PMA Global Street Farm to fill our coffers from networking to self-care. Here are a few of the themes we enjoyed this year and the events that we felt showed up best at SXSW.

Social Good

SXSW is no stranger to social issues, and this year was no different. We saw a variety of events work some kind of social good angle into what they were doing.

Game of Thrones, for example, staged an interactive experience called Bleed for the Throne that was a part blood drive in association with the American Red Cross. Hosted at the Fair Market on Austin’s east side, the venue was decked out internally like the Red Keep, with a full choir chanting the classic Game of Thrones theme. Donors were filed into bleed for the throne and carried through an interactive experience from AR to IRL.

The Future & Innovation

Several Panels and activations focused on the “Future of…” and focusing on Innovation. Shell showed up at SXSW to host a series of events to showcase ways in which startups, technology accelerators, research organizations, and energy companies can work together to impact the energy future.

One of our favorite panels revolved around Shell’s efforts to convene a wide range of energy startup accelerators and incubators from across the country to learn how to advance energy ideas and taking startups to the next level. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with technology leaders to ask about how they could work with big companies.

Self Care

Over the course of SXSW, beauty bars, blowouts, makeup, and nails have attracted many attendees away from the day to day bustle of networking, standing in lines, and enjoyment of the fun to be had. Hair services were offered on the Trade-show floor to help the launch efforts of the Book a Birdie App.

However, our favorite brand that showed up was the Modern House of Beauty, hosted by realself. In celebration of their mission, attendees were invited to experience the House of Modern Beauty: a boutique, gallery, and spa featuring the best beauty treatments and techniques. Aside from informative panels, guests could additionally enjoy complimentary treatments such as facial lasers, injectables, body contouring, and more.


There’s always a plethora of food at SXSW, and this year was no different. Everything from Philly Cheesesteaks at the Amplify Philly House to the curated foods of beloved Austin Chefs at Vox Media: The Deep End, if you were hangry, finding food was not an issue.

With the return of Visit Cheeselandia Wisconsin, this article would be remiss if we didn’t mention the experience of thousands of pounds of the best cheese in the world from wedges, wheels, curds, and crumbles. This year outdid the last year as attendees were welcomed to a magical place where they were greeted by the Cheese Maestro, invited in for a drink from the dress of champagne and allowed to dine at the foot of the cheese Ferris Wheel. Cheeselandia was the perfect convergence of cheese and interactive.

What was your favorite highlight at SXSW? See something worth mentioning? Let us know.

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