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Cash back, automatically.

The #1 shopping app on iTunes gives you immediate cash back on purchases, hotels, rentals, online items and more.

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DOSH iPhone Example


Each year, companies spend billions of dollars on marketing, trying to engender brand-loyalty. What if that money went directly to the people who shop there?

How much loyalty would the earn, and more importantly, how many people would it help? This is the heart of DOSH.

What Rocksauce Did

Rocksauce Studios was there since the beginning. We worked with company founders Ryan Wuerch and Ed Mock on initial concepts for Dosh starting in 2014. We worked with their team to define the initial product, strategy, UX, branding, UI, and development. Rocksauce and Dosh developed a partnership that stands strong.


Dosh went through two distinct branding stages. Our original brand designs in 2014 were created for a different, older demographic, at a time when design trends had just started to transition from skeumorphism. As the final product came into focus, and with it, the initial feature-set we would launch in the BETA MDP product, it was clear the brand needed some refreshing.

Purple has always been the key color, signifying youth, energy, and luxury. To support this, we deployed a fun-set of custom icons for various app functions, a bold, youthful color palette, and a set of gradients to be deployed throughout.

Dosh Branding Elements


To build hype for the app, Rocksauce built a "countdown" site, allowing users to initially sign-up to become part of the initial Dosh beta. Over 10,000 people registered less than two months. We consider it a success.

Dosh Countdown Homepage Dosh Merchant Sign-Up Dosh About Dosh

Mobile Apps

The brilliance of Dosh is that users connect their cards via the app, and when they shop, they get cash back immediately from retailers nationwide. So, we obviously spent many hours planning the mobile app, from sign-up to wallet to booking a hotel for your upcoming trip.

Dosh on iPhone X Dosh on Pixel 2XL

Merchant Portal

With a product like Dosh, you need a heavy-duty backend system to allow merchants, providers, and stores to craft specific offers, track analytics and see how redemptions are happening. Afterall, if the goal is to move marketing dollars directly into the pockets of consumers, then it's vital to know everything is working.

Dosh Merchant Portal Dashboard Dosh Merchant Portal Offer Creation Dosh Location Picker