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Energi with a Touch of Elegance

Stand out with Energi Apple Watch Design Everything we do either adds to or saps our energy level. A great lunch with your team may give you a boost for the rest of the day, but an argument with your spouse can cause a big drain on your energy. What if you could monitor your tasks so you could make time for energy-boosting activities? With Energi, you can!

The Energi apple watch design analyzes your daily calendars to help you increase or decrease your energy levels appropriately, then recommends activities from world-class coaches to help you keep your energy levels where they need to be.

Keep Energized with a Glance

We built the Energi Apple Watch design to help keep track of your daily energy needs. With the Energi Glance, you can see when you're likely headed for a dip in energy. Allowing you to add much-needed energy increasers to your day when they'll be the most useful.

Energi is about keeping yourself balanced, so you accomplish more with a better attitude and outlook.

Tracking & Logging your Day

Use Energi on your Apple Watch to rate energy-affecting events as they occur. This allows you to stay on top of your levels without interrupting your daily flow. Tapping into your events calendar gives you a quick glance of what's coming up, so you can discover the best times to re-energize yourself with one of the suggested Energi activities when needed.

Joshua Seldman, CEO of Energi

"Great work! This is freaking awesome. Such great work.
This is perfect to me. You nailed it team."