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Search. Share. Earn.

GigBee allows users to earn a little extra cash by referring friends to places they already shop.



In the world of online shopping, affiliate sales are a casual king. They can work in tandem with someone’s internet presence or brand well. Many fans of Twitch streamers or popular social media personalities are eager to make purchases knowing they are helping their favorite artists.

But the one thing that this system lacks is a more focused way to target one’s users, or influence a demographic more interested in buying specific products. You have to assume the retailer you are referring customers to has the products they want, and that doesn’t always come easy.


This is where Rocksauce was brought in to help create Gigbee, an all-in-one app for managing and sharing referral items for sale from top retailers with commission bonuses for sellers to take advantage of every month. It’s available on multiple platforms to adapt and work for its users, and provides all the benefits of affiliate sales without any cost or hassle to start up and get going.

Gigbee takes affiliate sales anywhere you are or how you prefer to do business. With frequent updates about new specials and sales to share, sellers can appeal to their audience easily at any time with any consumer product. Setting up your own online store is as simple as pushing a button.

Rocksauce has got a deal for you

New companies are typically known as NewCo. Gigbee was the same, and we still have files with that name listed on it. Kris Lentz, CEO of Gigbee, was workshopping a few key names, and trusted us to define the brand identity for the project. Helping clients brainstorm names is favorite activity of the Rocksauce creative team, with whiteboards full of synonyms or clever puns.

Tilly was the first name, meant to be playful, sing-songy, and catchy. We played with some modern script type typography, as well as playing with old-style cash register displays. Next up was Poplar, evoking a breezy, organic experience. The final name was Gigbee, with the company tapping into the “gig” concept of letting individuals earn a side-income through gigging as on-demand salespeople.



Many affiliate sites only sell products from their own site, limiting the amount of things you can sell, or making commissions vague to the seller. Rocksauce built Gigbee to get products from such brands as Target, Jet, JustFab, and many others for a robust selection that sellers are looking for with no hidden commission rates. And it’s done all under one account, with no extra hassle, needing nothing more than an email to sign up and start selling.

Making affiliate sales is one thing, marketing them is another. Trust is vital in branding, and with all the online hazards out there it’s important to make potential new sellers feel secure in earning money. For Gigbee, Rocksauce chose a bright and vibrant design that was detailed enough to list thousands of products, but also minimal enough to look sleek and make a seller’s life easier.



Compatibility and personal preference can always be an issue when using anything online, so Gigbee naturally works on all major smartphones and browsers. Whether you prefer to manage sales sitting down or on the go, you’re always ready to sell anywhere at any time.

Sellers also get access to their own online store, so while you can share products when and where you want, there is always a storefront for customers and clients to see your favorite items. And if you see something on another seller’s store you want on your own, you can add it with a single click of the favorites button.



Gigbee works for everyone from the casual to the dedicated, whether you’re selling to 3,000 people across the internet or just your friends. We’ve handed you the keys, now it’s up to you to drive it home.

With a minimal stylish interface that only shows you what you want and need to know, combined with the massive depth of its inventory, Rocksauce changed a sales industry that used to mostly be accessible sitting in front of a computer.