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‘‘Making quality home health available to all’’

“We loved working with JOL Healthcare because we believe in their mission that everyone deserves a great quality of life, no matter what stage of life they are in.” –Q Manning, Rocksauce Founder/Head of Product + Design

JOL Healthcare came to Rocksauce because they needed to compete with the big dogs in the home health and hospice care industry, and they needed to be able to update their website going forward. Together, we helped them to create powerful branding along with an effective and customizable website to show all that JOL Healthcare offers patients and clients.

The Rocksauce team became an integrated part of the JOL Healthcare team, working together to come up with modern and professional looking branding and a super functional and easy-to-use website.



JOL Healthcare is a relatively small business, similar to an entrepreneurial level company, but their competitors are much larger companies. Rocksauce helped them create an enhanced professional image and a website that attracts and keeps their target audience through to conversion. The purpose, through updated website and branding, was to give them a professional edge, similar to a much larger company. JOL Healthcare also wanted to emphasize their two lines of business, home health and hospice care.

In helping local, woman-owned JOL get their message across in a more modernized way, Rocksauce helped amplify their brand and shine a light on their amazing founder’s story and the work they do. Through their work with JOL Healthcare, Rocksauce showed how a small, local company can refit their image to compete with much larger companies. By investing in Rocksauce website and branding services, JOL Healthcare brought their image up to date, allowing them to work on a larger scale, attracting more clients.

Small companies don’t need to look small or uncultured. With the right tools and team, like the one Rocksauce provides, any size company can project a sophisticated, modern image to showcase their expertise, talent, and skills. It’s a whole new world out here, and we can help bring companies to the forefront of the tech landscape, as we did with JOL Healthcare.



They needed to go toe-to-toe with larger companies in the home health care space and hold their own in the market. They needed their outdated, inefficient website to show off their standards of care. They needed to attract potential clients to the website, turn them into actual clients, and keep them on the website.

They had never really paid much attention to marketing or updating their systems prior to coming to Rocksauce. Their expected outcomes from working with Rocksauce would bring them up to par with their branding and website, making it easier for clients to find them, learn easily about the company and the care they provide on their website, and ultimately sign up for services.

JOL Healthcare also needed to be able to update their own website going forward. Rocksauce needed to work with JOL to create a user-focused website up to industry standard. To enable people to use their website to find the information they need and convert them into customers. They needed a fresh, professional new look on par with companies with much bigger teams and budgets. 

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Because this customer had their own internal team that wanted to work on the website once it was up and running, Rocksauce built a custom WordPress site and gave the JOL team an ostensible set of tools that they could access and use after the fact to maintain their pages.

Rocksauce researched dozens of companies in the field working in the same space, home health, elderly, and hospice care. The teams looked at who the real target demographic was, as well as accessed bigger companies serving similar populations and in similar fields. Rocksauce was more an extension of the JOL Healthcare team than a vendor.



“Rocksauce was an amazing partner in JOL Healthcare’s digital rebrand. The team supported us in creating and implementing a new website design consistent with our marketing, financial, and UX/UI goals” Amy Wright, former Director of Marketing. 

The customer reviewed early versions and provided feedback to decide on the final version to launch. They were happy with how it looked and how it worked. The client was able to immediately see increased clout, a more professional-looking experience and presentation for their clients, increased conversions, more time spent on the website, and increased traffic to their website. The client was very pleased with the final result, and they were happy to be able to modify it within the platform Rocksauce built. 


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