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Unlock the Happiness

Want us to make your app? Woohoo! The first thing we need is your device's details: UDID, software version, how much space is left on your disk, and a dozen of other minute details. What’s the fastest, easiest way to get us that data? Great question!

Unfortunately, every app on the market that provides this functionality was terrible. None of them gave us the info we needed and—even worse—they weren’t the most attractive. Needless to say, this was frustrating.

So we created MetaSauce design innovation, and the world smiled!


There are so many secrets buried in your device that you have no idea about. Each one of them can have a profound effect on how your device performs.

MetaSauce is magical, though. We dig in deep to help you discover way more than your UDID. Want to know what version of hardware you have? You’ve got it! How about what the network details are? No problem, here you go.

MetaSauce design innovation breaks down the various processes your device is currently running, while showing you how much of your drive space is currently being used.

Never has a tool given you so much, for so little.
You need this app in your life, trust us!

Of course, it's beautiful, too

People love us because we make all the pretty things. So obviously, if we're going to make a tool like MetaSauce, Rocksauce Studios is going to make sure it's gorgeous.

We don't build something unless it's going to make a statement. This is the wisdom we impart to our clients, and it's the same driving force behind tools we create internally.


Our initial Alpha design had all of the right elements, and laid down our navigational structure. The problem was that it felt a little too simple.

We wanted to create a juxtaposition with MetaSauce: create something simple, but give it a complex beauty that our audience wouldn't expect from a UDID app.


Because our layout was solid and to the point, that didn't need any changing. However, we wanted to make the app's iconography fall more in line with the Rocksauce Studios branding that people had come to love.

We made the iconography and colors more in line with the Rocksauce Studios Brand that we had cultivated.


Even though the iconography was now where we wanted it, we didn't think the heavy colors behind each block fully accomplished the feeling we wanted.

We attempted to play with an "off-set printing" style that added life to the art while allowing the design to breathe a little more.

Final Metasauce Design Innovation

Now that the design was open, we needed to get the treatment right. We chose a banded coloring style that created a distinctive and refined flavor.

With the style defined, we moved UDID to the top-left, as we knew that was the primary reason most users would download the app.


Content is king. There's no reason to fill important information screens with unnecessary art. MetaSauce gets to the point, shows you what you want, and lets you export.