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Picking the right branding is vital to determining the style of the project. Once we had the name Prophit, we realized we could go in any of a few directions.

We decided early on the name, so we initially toyed with using magical imagery, such as genies and lamps. Cute, but it quite didn't fit our vision.

After testing more modern concepts that felt too sterile, we wound up with a modified price tag and a powerful geometric font treatment.

We created Prophit to be the quick, go-to application for anyone needing to keep track of sales & margins.

Prophet has a custom, retro-styled keyboard reminiscent of classic desk calculators. The dedicated “next field” key allows users to easily move through each form field as you enter items.

Simple, clean, data entry lets you quickly enter your item details into Prophit and get back to running your business.

The Prophot app allows you to easily test out different combinations of mark-up and margin to maximize profit for the number of items on hand.

Prophit Lamp Logo Prophit Genie Logo
Prophit P Prophit Elegant
Prophit Numeric Keypad

Storefronts are easy to view and sort through, either by timeline or by date created. Search through the items, see what the costs are, and what the total retail prices are.

Sales can be loged directly into Prophit, working as a quick inventory & profit management center. Reports allow deep views of what sold, plus how much was made. Then exported & emailed as a .CSV for bookkeeping.

"It was an awesome experience watching an idea grow into something so great with the Rocksauce Studios team."

Micah Payne, Prophit Creator