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Does Branding awareness Matter On Internal Marketing Strategies?

You know, maybe the guy who always makes sure to wear a company logo in every single video understands a little something about the importance of branding awareness matter on internal marketing strategies to developing successful internal (and external) innovations.

Rocksauce Studios is a digital product and innovation agency located in Austin, TX, and our job is to work with clients both big and small, both entrepreneurial and Fortune 100 to take some big problems they have and create really cool solutions. Sometimes those problems involve branding, so let’s tackle this question: Why is external and internal branding so important? Well in a nutshell, branding helps sell the idea to the higher ups.

But let’s start off with a definition; essentially brand awareness matter is reputation. It’s how people know you, which is often based on corporate culture and corporate values. Your brand defines what you are in the community. It’s how people remember you. Eventually that gets associated with a series of visuals – hopefully strong visuals – and those visuals now become a placeholder in a user’s mind when they have a problem.

McDonald’s = French Fries

So if we think about McDonald’s, one of the biggest most well-known brands in the entire world, how did they get so much clout? At the time that McDonald’s came around, the country was very broad and spread out and we didn’t have the International Highway System that we have now. So if they were traveling across the country, nobody necessarily really knew for sure where they could eat. They could go to a diner – maybe good, maybe bad – but they really didn’t know what kind of meal they were going to have.

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Enter McDonalds. They built up their reputation and their brand by having a consistent, wholesome meal. Wholesome meaning, “We know where these ingredients come from. You know what they are. And you know you’re always going to have a consistent meal every time you come to a McDonald’s.” This gained them a massive, positive reputation amongst travelers.

It didn’t hurt that McDonalds came up with one of the most iconic images in the world: the golden arches. So now when you think of hamburger, even if you don’t want to, you probably do think of McDonald’s. Hell, I know if I think of french fries I’m definitely thinking about McDonald’s. Sorry.

So does brand awareness matter. Brand is how people recognize you. And strong brands are remembered. They own that place in the user’s mind.

Internal Brand = Get the Funding

So how does that apply internally to an internal company and an internal product?

If you’re early on in a company and you’re trying to get a product off the ground – say you have a new HR solution you want to launch or maybe a new process that’s important – get a brand going early to gain traction amongst the decision makers and the higher ups.

When Rocksauce comes into a company to work on an internal innovation, some of the first things we do are find out what the goals are, who the users are, and maybe what the name is. Then we’ll create a really cool, simple brand. Then that brand is attached to everything about that tool from that point forward.

So if you’re doing an internal power point presentation, there’s the brand. If you’re sending out an email about it, call it by that brand name. Utilizing the brand means that everybody knows exactly what you’re referencing. That brand is now associated with a specific solution to a specific problem. We’ve seen this help so much when it comes to getting something through the channels of internal funding.

Brand = Solution to a Problem

Once the branding is set, it will continue to carry on. So when a user is having the problem that that brand is supposed to solve, the user will have that strong brand to remind them: hey go use this tool.

If we’re being honest,
this ‘fix’ won’t actually work. (source)

Often when you’re dealing with internal tools and innovations, the goal is to replace something that’s been put together with bubblegum and scotch tape. Maybe people are putting Post-It notes on things or maybe they’re using big binders of paper. Maybe they’re sending out emails instead of using the communication system that was put in place for the project.

Having a strong brand attached to an internal innovation helps solve these inefficiencies. and strengthen internal marketing strategies. When a user has an issue they believe the company I need to go to get this problem solved. And that’s exactly the purpose of most internal projects and processes: solving problems.

Rocksauce = Problem Solvers

So is that all the branding is? No, branding is much deeper, much more, but I wanted to give a primer on why branding does matter on internal marketing strategies, whether you’re building something externally for consumers or you’re making something internally for your company.

With that said, if need some help with branding or if you want to build a really cool internal product, you know who to reach out to. You can always give us a call at +1-866-981-6847 or you can shoot us a message and one of us we’ll get back to you.