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5 Quick Tips : How to Improve UX Design Skills

Not everybody considers themselves “creative.” I’ll let you in on a secret, though – everybody is creative. Here are five quick tips to get more creative, especially if you consider yourself someone who isn’t and you are looking for best ways on how to improve ux design skills.

5. Change Your Surroundings

Sometimes that’s as simple as getting up from your desk and going outside. Find a different place to work than you normally do. I’ve worked from a diner or moved to someone else’s office for new scenery. Just that change of surroundings while you work will automatically have you thinking differently.

4. Write Your Ideas Down

The simple act of writing the idea down creates a visual. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw or wireframe the idea like a pro. Write it down so you can look at the idea as an object, then write down how your idea might work. Keep going! With words, you can often accomplish the same thing a drawing.

3. Find Visual Examples

Illustrate your idea using available photos or screen grabs that speak directly to what you’re trying to communicate. You don’t have to be a skilled artist yourself to convey your ideas through existing visuals. You’ll communicate your idea to others more clearly.

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2. Talk to the Most Creative Person You Know

One of the best way on how to Improve UX Design Skills is by sharing your ideas! You know who this person is in your life – maybe a co-worker, family member, or old friend. Discuss your idea with them! They’ll ask questions you haven’t even considered before, and get you thinking about solutions you might want to bring in to the project.

1. Stop Thinking You’re Not Creative!

Enough of you telling yourself that you aren’t creative enough to Improve UX Design Skills. Imagination, daydreaming, and even worry are part of the human experience. They’re hardwired into our brains so we can problem-solve for ourselves. You are a creative thinker, even if you don’t have fine art skills. Stop downplaying your own ability to imagine things. It’s keeping you from doing your best work.

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