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Design Sprints, Safaris + Workshops

11 years of product building, 7 acquisitions of ideas we’ve built + more than 353 projects.

We know how to build good sh*t. Tap in to the experience and insight that has created hundreds of products. Make our team part of your team, offering solutions and opinions for a day, a week, or even months.

Rocksauce knows how to motivate people. You know your business. We collaborate to make something amazing. Because your problem is unique to you, the way we start will be, too.

Participate, facillitate + validate

Design Sprints

One-sided facilitation is so 2019, y’all. Full user participation is where it’s at. 

We’ve refined Design Sprints into three specific flavors that work hand-in-hand or individually, depending on your needs. Rocksauce becomes a seamless part of your team, helping you solve any UX problems.

Facilitating the exercises + conversations for the group, but also being at the table with your team. Bringing in new ideas + being as opinionated as anyone else.

Diversity of thought matters. The right people in the right room, from the C-Level to customer support who know all the complaints. And expert product builders like us.

  • Alpha Sprint

    Start something new. Tailored to promote discovery + ideation.

  • Iteration Sprint

    Take existing ideas + continue to add features or grow the product.

  • Preparation Sprint

    Fill-in-gaps, answer questions + get stuff ready for production.

Observe, understand + create

Design Safaris

We come to you to dive head-first into the problem.

Sometimes, the problem is so big that a Design Sprint is too small. Existing business customers, with products in the market or with their own internal systems, can’t stop their lives to get everyone into the same room for 16 or more hours.

Nuance + environment matter. Our researchers + designers sit with your people, ask them questions, see how folks in the real-world are handling problems or difficulties. We identify the key internal experts, then come out and get going!

That’s the fuel we use to build you something remarkable.

Design Sprint Experts at work

Discover, align + innovate

Innovation Workshops

Alignment is the cornerstone of any solution. Doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile app, a software platform, or a process that’s gonna revolutionize your production line.

A team running in different directions never reaches the goal. Products can’t be everything to everyone. Your team has to agree on what you’re doing + how you’re getting it done.

Rocksauce makes sure the best idea – not the loudest voice – drives the solution. We participate, serving the vital roles of user advocate, design expert + facilitator.

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Business design, branding, development, web + apps


DOSH Acquired for $275m by Cardlytics!

I’m most impressed with their professionalism. They’re very deadline-driven and deliver high-quality work.

Will Bowen, CEO of MemberHub, Inc