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TickTalk App designed by Rocksauce Studios is Available Now!

The latest app from Rocksauce Studios is here! TickTalk is “the talker’s metronome,” an app designed to help you control your own voice! Do you want to talk more slowly? Do you need to speed up? Just pick your speed from the (seriously gorgeous) interface, put your phone is your pocket and start talking!

With his permission, I’ve posted a message about the app written by our CEO Q Manning, who personally designed TickTalk.

“TickTalk is my first app and it just launched on the iTunes AppStore!

Over the last four years, I have designed, managed, created, brainstormed, marketed and facilitated more apps than I can count. As the owner of Rocksauce Studios, my team and I are pretty good at this. 

But, TickTalk is my first app. Created and designed by yours truly, with beautiful devwork done by Adam Weeks. I’m very proud of this app and the great name that Michael Robin gave it. 

TickTalk is made for those of us who talk too fast or too slow. I’ve heard it my whole life, “Man, you talk SO FAST!” I created TickTalk because there was a niche to be filled that only an app could actually fill. 
So, if you have an iPhone, please, download it! For the next two weeks it’s free and then it will go up to its regular price. We’re trying to get it out there, so please, LIKE our page here on Facebook and enjoy the app!”