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Rocksauce Services

Our clients have huge goals, and big problems that need solving. Rocksauce Studios delves in deep to get the domain expertise to innovate astounding solutions. Rocksauce Studios works hand-in-hand with your team to build a product the audience will want to use daily.

From Consulting to layout out the foundation of what your company needs, to in-depth Services Design to capture existing user behavior, Rocksauce Studios will spark the types of digital transformations that delight users – from Enterprise Software to new Entrepreneurial Products.

    How Rocksauce leverages imagination to innovate

    • Discovery

      Clients bring us in to help them discover how software can save them millions of dollars or increase their install base. We observe, interview & inspect to provide expert recommendations.


      Working with our clients to pinpoint a projects needs, while becoming the domain experts they deserve, whether internal enterprise solves or The Next Big App project.

    • Innovate & ideate

      We really kickass at bringing new things to the table. We know the markets, and can see the holes your project needs to fill. From Services Design to Product Feature definitions.

    • User experience

      Your audience better want to use what you’re making, or you’re wasting time & money. We help define features, target demo/psychographics, layout, product flow, and then test with users.

    • Branding

      Branding is where we define the tone, the personality, and all of the ways we can entice that demographic to fall in love with the solution we’re building for you. We’ve won awards for it.

    • Design

      Whether it’s extending the brand to fit into the new project space, creating user-friendly transitions, or even designing up action figures for a promotional push, our team loves making you look good.


      We build detailed architectural documentation, map APIs, scour open-source, and roll-out expertise in a technology stack that works best for your project, ensuring your project is state-of-the-art.


      Using the user stories, red-lines, design-files, and animation mock-ups, our genius developers take their architecture plans then build polished projects to wow your audience. From web to mobile.

    Building Enterprise solutions that work for actual humans

    • Deep exploration

      Staff interviews & software reviews to determine what problems need solving.

    • Commercial grade

      Bringing our Entrepreneurial chops to Enterprise, creating software people will use.

    • Logic design

      Defining the pieces and disciplines that will have the greatest impact.

    • Prototyping

      Wireframes & concepts are created to mimic the ecosystem we will create.

    • Test & iterate

      Putting our solution in front of the audience, then incorporating vital feedback.

    • Design expansion

      Expanding the existing corporate branding into the chosen discipline fields.

    • Service design

      From signage to IoT devices, creating a series of products to encourage user behavior.

    • Design systems

      Building a series of sustainable design elements to be tapped into for consistency.

    • Identify techs

      Analyzing the current techs, systems, database, APIs, then add modern stacks.

    • Supported deploy

      Releasing v1 of the solution, working to continuously improve as needed.

    Iodine Software

    Masters of Entrepreneur projects, from start-up to industry

    • Market analysis

      Find the top competitors, and learn about the target audience members.

    • Identify holes

      Where an existing product is missing the mark is right where you should strike.

    • Define mdp

      Building a Minimum Delightful Product means succinct personas & user stories.

    • Create prototype

      Detailed wireframes laying out the project’s functionality, from login to user profiles.

    • Audience tastes

      Pinpointing what brand & personality the audience is drawn to in the space.

    • Create identity

      Memorable brands, identities, logos, and voice are what catch a user’s eye.

    • Refine feel

      Fit, finish, tone, and polish are what defines a project that users keep coming back to.

    • Delightful bits

      Little animations when users like something or thoughtful transitions breed affinity.

    • Stacks & planning

      Planning the architecture for the data model for modern tech stack deployment.

    • Build platforms

      Perfecting harmony between front-end, back-end, mobile, desktop, and APIs.


    We build the future

    • Cloud

    • Wearables

    • Big data

    • Internet of things

    • Drones

    • Ar/vr/mr

    • 3d/haptic

    • Robotics

    No matter what devices or technologies the future brings, we’re building the infrastructure to deliver a seamless experience across all of them.

    Whether wearable, connected, with a screen or without, Rocksauce solves complex issues with the right mix of knowledge and design.

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