Improving User Satisfaction Through Design

There’s no question that users will abandon any Web site or mobile app they don’t enjoy using. User experience is a key determinant of success or failure. Yet 73 percent of industry executives see user experience as one of the toughest challenges they face. Even well-funded sites and apps can fail to gain adoption without a good, user-focused design.

Some aspects of creating a quality user experience are obvious. For example, if users can’t figure out how to use your site, chances are high they’ll abandon your offering and look elsewhere. Likewise, the best product teams employ fleshed-out user personas to help them address each user’s specific needs.

But if you stopped there, you would be leaving out one of the most important—and hardest to define—components of a compelling user experience: user satisfaction.

The Importance of User Satisfaction

Earlier this year, Digg released a video that went viral and racked up more than 16 million views. The video comprised five minutes of footage showing highly satisfying actions such as a sharp knife slicing through a tomato; a robot lining up stacks of batteries, then picking them up; or a printer miraculously transferring a camouflage pattern onto a helmet.

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