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The mobile brand that pays you

Flash mobile gives you a world of rewards via social sharing.


ACN, Mexico’s premiere telecom provider, realized that they needed to tap into a different type of market to continue growing their business. Millennials, or however you want to define a generation, have different expectations when it comes to products. Unsatisfied with the standard pay-as-you-go or monthly bill options, ACN recognized there was an opportunity to tap into sharing & social media to grow their user base. Share to people, get sign-ups, and get money toward your own bill.

Rocksauce came in to help execute a dynamic, energetic website that would appeal to the younger demographic, while also showcasing just how revolutionary the product was. With an audience already sharing every day anyway, how do you help them recognize that sharing will grow their reach, an the money back toward their mobile bills. And, how do we do that for a multi-lingual marketplace, where graphics, imagery, or text needed to work as well in both English and in Spanish?


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Logo, branding and colors were already defined by the ACN team, but what they didn’t have was any compelling way to put them together into a narrative. Something that could communicate to the user base. Rocksauce helped merge messaging with purpose and branding to create a landing page that not only screamed the company’s unique brand, but helped get the point across through powerful taglines and copy that we helped define.

Flash Mobile Spanish Language HeaderACN Flash Mobile Landing PageACN Flash Mobile Page Elements

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