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Saving lives requires accuracy

Creating the right software to help CDI teams accomplish more.

The Problem

CDI (clinical documentation improvement) is a burgeoning industry that’s boosting revenue and saving lives in hospitals nation-wide. However, most software focused more on high-level Medicare classiciation known as MS-DRG, clumping patient’s hospital stays into various groups for payment. How can this apply to more areas?

Creative Problem Solving

Our Approach

Our Approach

Iodine was one of Rocksauce’s first clients, working with us for years as their project initially came to market. This long-lasting relationship allowed us to delve in deep with the domain knowledge necessary to figuring out the solution as user expectations changed. From the early days of skeumorphic mobile interfaces to today’s clean, flat, and straight-forward design trends.

Breaking down what
Rocksauce did on the project

  • Innovate/Ideate
  • Strategy
  • UX


Though we often work in a more phased approach, with Iodine, it worked best when we sat down with their team and started hashing things out in a very holistic manner. As a company with a product that already existed, initially our goals were to help Iodine update their software, and bring it into the mobile sphere. We needed to capture all of the knowledge we could from their team, iterate quick, and then provide solutions even faster.

Lab technician utilizing Iodine Software Dashboard
  • Branding


Iodine came to us with an initial branding done, but overtime, we started to work with the team on growing, and ultimately,  re-working the brand. As with any branding effort, we worked within the existing trends at the time, tapping into a more angular/eurostyle design for the font and elements.

Over the years, the software grew in features, industry needs changed, and ultimately, so did design expectations from audiences. What worked for a logo or brand elements in 2010 didn’t resonate the same way when rolled into 2016.

  • Design
  • Front-End


Our process with Iodine was a collaborative one, working side-by-side with their team, as well as with their potential clients. When our nuanced interface work featured subtle bands of gray that weren’t being noticed by their users on the ground, we worked to rectify the problem and tweak the interface to work with the harsh lighting, specific demographic, and older hardware that the software was running on.


  • Design Systems
  • Services Design


When you have a years long relationship with a client, like Rocksauce did with Iodine, your end up helping out in a lot of areas where skills overlap. This meant we were assisting on everything from user-guides for the software itself, to helping roll-out a series of motivational core-values posters to help reinforce the strengths of the internal Iodine team.



William Chan, COO Iodine Software

Decision makers using Iodine Software

The Numbers

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