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Security with style

When MKS2 needed to refresh their world-class brand, they came to Rocksauce for the right solution.

The Problem

MKS2 is one of Inc’s Top 100 companies, consulting on IT problems and providing security development for some of the largest clients in the world, including the United States Government. Unfortunately, their branding and website was stuck firmly in the early 2000s.

CEO Brendan Mullen asked Rocksauce to help modernize his branding, help him refine his message for the top-tier audience he was working with daily, and help him generate a persona that was more in line with the success his company had achieved.


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  • Branding


Working with MKS2, it was clear that no one on the leadership team wanted to come across as stodgy or boring. Everyone in the company had a love for the outdoors, particularly the CEO who would often remark about his love for the ocean. We applied these ideas to the logo concepts we created, steering clear of static/boring tech-company style logos, either infusing interesting typographic treatments or movement evoking the sun or waves.

A vibrant, dynamic company, constantly on the cutting edge of technology stacks and requirements, MKS2 helps place amazing talent all over the world, and constantly strive to find professionals who are the top of their game. Instead of typical imagery of coders typing or people looking at computer screens, we focused on adding in a flare for the outdoors, adding to the narrative of tackling a monumental task, then standing at the apex of that accomplishment.

“Very professional and adept. I enjoyed the team immensely—consummate professionals whom were a joy to work alongside.


  • Design
  • Front-End


Sometimes the best thing for a client is to build a custom front-end website, with an equally custom back-end. For MKS2, however, this was overkill. We realized that the best bet for Brendan & his team was to build everything on the WordPress platform, giving them access to a well-known, industry standard CMS, that’s supported by millions of developers worldwide.

For the design, we kept it simplest taking advantage of the logo design we had created. Stability, professionalism, and trustworthiness were the most important factors to get across. MKS2 didn’t need to come across as a flashy company, they simply needed to engender confidence of major companies and procurement specialists when it came time to find the right vendor for their projects.



Differentiating our clients is one central to the Rocksauce DNA. We helped MKS2 update the look, feel, and most of all, tone of their company to help them showcase just how diverse, original, and different they are when it comes to operating in their particular space.

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