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We don’t have all the answers at first, but we won’t stop until it’s figured out. “Good enough” isn’t tolerated. Problems don’t get solved because it’s 5pm. Morning showers bring epiphanies that revolutionize industries. Dinner with a friend inspires product designs that are stickier than molasses.

DOSH Acquired for $275m by Cardlytics!


Business design, branding, development, web + apps

DOSH had a company goal to put billions of dollars into millions of pockets. They had no idea how to accomplish it. They came to Rocksauce to build a multi-million cashback powerhouse that would reach #1 on the app store.

Clock a Doodle

UX, design + feature scoping

The Highball

UX, design + feature scoping


UX, feature scoping + design

Don’t Mess With Texas

UX, design, voice UI + app development

Don’t Mess With Texas has been raising awareness of littering and its impact along Texas highways and in public spaces for more than 35 years. They needed a solution for users that offered a safer, more user-friendly way to engage with the app or website. They also needed a fresh look while retaining the more easily recognizable design elements that people are familiar with.

app, voice, ui


UX, smart watch design

We Go

UX, design + feature scoping


UX, branding, design + feature scoping

Hack the mind + it feels like magic

Design psychology is at the basis of everything we do. Tapping into expected behaviors,
    patterns + familiarity will give your audiences what they crave: a faster path to what they

Very professional and adept. I enjoyed the team immensely - consummate professionals who were a joy to work alongside.

Brendan Mullen, CEO of MKS2